Some of the benefits of the Parish of Jesucristo Resucitado’s new relationship with the Puerto Ordaz Symphony were evident in a beautiful Christmas concert put on by the children of Jesucristo Resucitado and their teacher Marbella Salazar.  Marbella has been a parishioner of the Parish of Jesucristo Resucitado all her life. When Fr. Dennis Dempsey was serving the mission parish, he encouraged Marbella to pursue her interest in music and taught her how to play the guitar.  She and her sister joined our Sunday morning choir.  Today Marbella is an instructor for the Puerto Ordaz Symphony.  Marbella received permission from the symphony to set up a satellite classroom in our parish.  Although Marbella had been working with the children (ages 5 to 10) for only three months, they put on a beautiful concert filled with singing, percussion and an arrangement of flutes and cuatros (four-stringed guitars).  It was quite impressive the number of songs they performed so enthusiastically and competently with so few lessons.  I am very grateful to Marbella and the Puerto Ordaz Symphony for offering these music classes free of charge in our parish and for the generous people of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis who through their donations have helped to purchase some of the musical instruments for the children.

Fr. Greg Schaffer, Pastor

Choir Christmas Concert 026

Choir Christmas Concert 2