DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!  Thank you for your love and prayers for all at the mission parish in Venezuela!   Archbishop Nienstedt has asked me to come back this summer and be a pastor in MN.  Thus, Fr. James Peterson will come to be the new associate priest working with Fr. Greg the pastor.

The season of Easter has been a very blessed one of many visits and blessings of homes and the sick.

image3The youth have been very active. Our youth group has blossomed with local pilgrimages to the Capuchin ruins to study the life of Saint Felix (the patron of the town) and to the hospital Jesus Crucificado founded by the Venezuelan Blessed Candelaria of San Jose!  We have 15 youth committed and eager to go to World Youth Day in Poland 2016.  There is a smaller group of youth meeting on Sundays to receive a more intense formation of prayer and apologetics in my final weeks.  We are working to see how to give a clear and solid 20 second response to the rapid fire attacks against the church that come daily and with vigor from Protestants.

I constantly challenge the many families who come for baptism and then are seemingly gone from church practice after.  Everyone knows the date of their birth…because there are parties everywhere at all times and late into or all night long with plenty of food and libations.  However, very few to none of the folks know or celebrate the date of their baptism!!

Unfortunately, it is still very difficult in the barrios. The violence and chaos continue for the majority of people.  I was amazed at the long line up of cars the other night of people who were sleeping in their vehicle all night to be first in line to attempt to buy a car battery… if there are enough to go around.

May the Lord bless each soul here and all of us to be in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters.  Blessings on you all in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. James Adams