Fr Adams with Group “The HOTTEST time of the year” is how the people all describe these days, especially Holy Week (“semana santa”).  So, full speed ahead here in Ciudad Guyana with planning for live Stations of the Cross coming soon…and the Good Friday five hour mega-Stations walk through all 11 barrios of the parish…a marathon Stations of the Cross started by Fr. Dennis Dempsey, the authentic long distance priest! via cruces Good Friday close up of two girls It is the time of deep prayer and deep conversion, certainly what is most needed here. All of the violence, fear and confusion have seemed to only increase in these last months and so many people in daily conversations are wondering what could possibly be next for their country. The last presbyterial meeting was broken into and most if not all priests were robbed.  A couple of neighboring parishes have had either a life-threat against the priest or the deacon robbed, all during Mass. Recently one of our kids was robbed coming out of catechesis and our neighbor a few houses down lost his life to the violence that surrounds us. One sees the vivid effects of little to no family in the lives of these young people who are committing the violence and murder. Thank you to all those moms and dads who say yes to your call, you are literally saving lives. We daily kneel and pray to show and see the face of Christ in all around us. I am so humbled at how far I have to go. The joy and prayerful love from our committed Legion of Mary, youth and catechesis, daily communicants and so many others who lead by example all sow so much hope and love. They are bright lights in the increasing darkness.

Thanks for helping us carry the cross here all the way to the empty tomb.                                                                                                                                                                         Peace and blessing to all,                                                                                                                              Pdrs James and Greg