Hallacas fr adams

Music is the only way to begin explaining December in Venezuela and among our people!  It is a must to hear the songs at Mass…and at 5:00am every morning for nine days up to Christmas!  We have jumped deep into Advent with the making of hallacas (hugely typical food for December here), big time preparations for our early morning “rooster” Masses and spiritually praying hard for our own personal conversion and invitation to the multitudes to find their peace in the manger at Bethlehem.

hallaca 1hallacas








Someone mentioned that over the period of a few days recently around 160 were murdered in Caracas. Also, our people seem to increasingly lament the state of their beloved country as prices keep rising and the simple products and goods used daily are more and more harder to find.  It has called me on to a deeper search for meaning…rather than constantly giving into the secular culture’s loud pressure to fill up every possible space and ache of ours with pleasure, noise and distraction.  We increasingly see each day the urgent need to do all we can to build up families and strong marriages so that there is a foundation for the future.

Recently I was blessed to gather with three couples who have been married in the last five years to start a small group of “newly-weds” who want to get to know each other and seek ongoing formation in living out their Sacrament!! Amen, thank you Lord.  How so much of all the trouble here stems from the fact that there is no dad…or mom…or both at home and the kids grow up with no discipline, no love.  Thank you good moms, dads, teachers, coaches, priests and mentors who challenge, lead, encourage, urge and root us on to be better people and followers of the King of kings.

God’s blessing in these sacred days, Pdr JA and all