A late October ’14 hello from the mission parish in Venezuela!  I spent much of the month attempting, once again, to hand in my application to the Venezuelan consulate in Chicago and waiting to hear back from them about a possible work visa.

Austin and Leo

On the ground here we have had two MN high school graduate volunteers Leo and Austin teaching English and getting a good introduction to the life.

The barrio La Frontera celebrated their 9th anniversary of their chapel on October 28th, feast of St.s Simon and Jude.  Their chapel is named San Judas!  Many representatives from neighboring barrios were present for the festive Mass and fun after.  This was very hopeful for me to see after the recent violent deaths there.


People are starting to get prepared for the next couple months ahead, especially the novena of 5am Masses leading up to Christmas.  We try to make sure the trucks are working well as they will start at 4am those days to round up the choir and arrive to the respective barrios for their Mass!

Thanks for your prayers and sacrificial offerings of so many kinds.  In Jesus and Mary, Pdr JA and all.