With seminarians

 It is a very full time here at the mission parish of the Archdiocese!  The St. Paul Seminary Theology (year three) just finished the annual August visit with us and jumped into life here. This included unintentionally getting soaked in the rain on the truck ride back from visiting the cloistered Brigitines.

Our daily work and visits in the barrios have no end to the needs.  I sat with a family in these days who is mourning the brutal murder of their son. Those who took his life sent a picture to his family of the terrible results. We work hard to accompany the people in these situations and pray even harder for an end to the vengeance and more of the Holy Spirit and mercy of the Lord.

VBS teachersWe begin now in mid-August the “plan vacacional” which is their vacation bible here…with many many little children and super teens leading the way to Christ!

I continue to struggle to obtain a work visa which would enable me to stay longer than 3 months at a time. The relations between the USA and Venezuela are not improving quickly and we try to grow more each day in patience and understanding. The wonderful moments of hope for me continue to be the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and each of the thousands and thousands of people in our close quarters. The teens bring lots of joy especially as they seek to attend world youth day in 2016 (Poland) if they can fundraise enough for flights. The smiles of all the folks at each age here is a sure sign of God’s presence and final victory over the evil that touches all. Thanks for your prayers and sacrifices for us as we promise ours for you.

Many blessings, Padre James Adams