June at our Venzuelan mission parish of the Archdiocese has been awesome!  Deacon James Stiles came down immediately after being ordained a transitional deacon.  My sister Margaret came as well and we have all been hard at work to make Jesus known and loved!  This included a beautiful and sacred trip to the indigenous community of Canaima with an overnight and close up look at Angel Falls, the largest waterfall in the WORLD!  Talk about a visual of God’s love just pouring out day and night…day after day.

There are bright lights in the midst of the country’s continuing struggle to draw on their rich resources and provide for the needy people who are waiting in long lines…starting in the wee hours…for food.  We have a vibrant youth group who are hoping to go to World Youth Day in 2016.  If anyone would like to support the cause and be a special part of the future down here, please let me know.  I will be home July 15 through August 7 preaching mission appeals the last two weekends of the month (Pine Island/Zumbrota first, then Immaculate Heart of Mary in Minnetonka) and the first weekend of August (St. Olaf, Mpls). I am happy to see you in person.

At mass

The school year here is ending and we will be going out each day for masses and blessings of all the kids in their respective schools, praying that they come close to our Lord.  Thanks for your continued prayers as you are all in ours.

Many blessings, Padre James and all.