Hello dear Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and all the Church!

What a gift if has been to visit MN several weeks ago, starting with the transitional diaconate ordination, doing mission appeals and giving an update in person to many!  I was so blessed to visit many churches as well as my alma mater where my family was raised and went to grade school at Nativity of Mary!  What a joy it is for me to do my best to connect the two worlds of South America and North America!

It is good to be back visiting Minnesota.

It is hard when you have not BEEN there to explain it, but at least I can give a glimpse and add more depth about where I am and the people we serve that you all are kindly praying for and offering sacrifices for (THANK YOU!).

I have tried very hard to obtain a longer visa so I can stay more than 3 months in Venezuela at a time.  However, the process is not complete and hopefully will be later this summer.

I will now be back in the saddle at our parish this June with our visiting summer deacon,  James Stiles (from the St. Paul Seminary!).  My little sister will also visit for much of June as well.  So, we will have many Minnesotans to witness and receive the witness of Jesus from our brothers and sisters in Ciudad Guyana.

You also are always welcome.  I invite you to spiritually adopt one of our parishioners.  This could happen in many forms.  One way is to each day say a simple prayer for one in our barrios, maybe offer one whole day of your prayers, joys and sorrows for them!  Thank you!

Many blessings be upon you and your families as summer begins.

In Jesus and Mary, Padre James Adams