The folks here are sure carrying their cross as the tension is felt by everyone: between those for and those against the government.  Fr. Greg and I are grateful to be serving the many needs right in front of us leaving little time to be immersed in the protests.  We are striving to receive lots of hope in prayer and offer that to the community amidst the violent reality and lack of food in many cases.

Fr.-Adams-singing-at-altarThe many baptisms and youth involved in the parish are bright lights for me.  We have a faithful youth group that studies the saints each month and is trying to think concretely about attending World Youth Day in Poland ’16.  The little children that I meet in each barrio especially at Mass are always a joy.  For one of the Ash Wednesday evening Masses, the dear little girl who helped me get ready and prayed so sincerely that night asked me after, “When is the next Mass?”

We are offering more adoration this Lent on a daily basis and so many people have benefitted from the religious goods/devotionals that have generously come from MN.  This all provides many special moments to plant lots of seeds that we pray will bring out lots of fruit in God’s good time.

I was able to strum the guitar chords for some of the well known Mass songs recently in the barrio after my first class of guitar (Venny style).   I try to keep finding ways to enter into the reality here to better evangelize and be evangelized.  Rapping with the teens has also helped in that front.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support.  As they all say to each other here upon coming and going: BENDICION!  May I too have your blessing, Archdiocese of St. Paul/Mpls, and many blessings upon you, Pdrs James and Greg.