From Fr. James Adams at Jesucristo Resucitado Parish, Venezuela

Hola again! I would like to share more of my observations and experiences in San Felix with Fr. Greg.

The presence of the various religious communities has been quite a gift for all.  The great work done by all the former priests and missionaries has given much to build on. There was a period here, after the violent deaths of some of the early Capuchin missionary priests, when the Church was not present for about 100 years.  Thus, we are “rebuilding the church” with that Franciscan spirit and now with our Holy Father Francis encouraging us not to forget our missionary identity.

There are wonderful leaders in the main church (“templo”) and in the barrios.  The priests of the deanery (“zona”) meet each Wednesday morning at the respective parishes for Morning Prayers, reflection over the coming Sunday readings and breakfast. The Bishop in this archdiocese, Bishop Mariano, is very joyful and very welcoming to us.  We have much help for the tremendous labor before us.

We ask for your continued remembrance of us and all at the altar and any way you are called to that will help us.  A very large percentage of the people are un-evangelized, un-catechized and living for the moment with little to no thought of their neighbor and/or the future.  So many families have no father present with dire needs on a day-to-day basis to just get by.  Personally, I have wrestled with how to really help the majority of people who come knocking at our house for help.  I thank God for his constant patience with me and I beg for more of that fruit of the Holy Spirit in my response to the needs here.  When the doorbell rings, I always think of my good friend’s response: “Jesus is at the door.”  Now, I need to live that response.

We hope to continue providing periodic reports from Venezuela.  You are welcome to visit us any time.  God bless you all from here. In Jesus and Mary, Fr. James, Fr. Greg and all the parish.

Fr. James Adams